Refugees from Syria: Why, and who is responsible?

refugeesA very naive person would say that “The evil regime” and lack of democracy are behind it. Some most educated people may contribute it to a power struggle between radical Muslims such as ISIS and Al-Qaida and liberal forces. Or even some would brave and blame United States for supporting Saudi Arabia and crazy radical Islam, with an equal blame for Iran and Russia for supporting the dictatorship and Sheti radicals.

All of that is not a direct reason for the crises that we face today, with millions of people trying to get to Europe. Many dead, and all in bad humanitarian conditions.

To really evaluate the situation correctly, you need to see beyond photos and news. Understand the dirty trick that is happening. And to handle the trap that is being prepared for all free nations.

Why refugees?

A simple answer is not the war in Syria. As it happens to be. Armed radical Islamic militia started a huge aggression against Syrian official army. No matter what anyone might say, money and military aid were supplied to only radical Sunni fighters. Some of them are called ISIS, other Al-Qaida, armed opposition, moderate opposition, or maybe even called freedom fighters or Free Syrian Army. They are all the same group more or less.

When they started the war, they used the tactic of kidnapping family members, asking for ransoms, and well organized crime (murder and theft). In order to protect their families from retaliation and being a barning chip in the kidnapping game, most of their families went outside of Syria, where they enabled radical armed groups to be free.

Nowhere more obvious that what happened in Turkey. Islamic government in Turkey pre-prepared tents for refugees even before any demonstration started in Syria. They let the families settle down, provided arms and training, and bought everything that was stolen by the “opposition” (oil, grains or even whole factories).

Refugees in Turkey are officially almost 2 million. Although other Syrians with double nationality and military fighters may raise this number to 3 million. They are living a harsh life in camps, with no possibility to go out or work. But still, they are in not direct danger what so ever.

What changed?

During the last months, money from Saudi kingdom was abundant. USA and Turkey are openly training militia. ISIS and Al-Qaida gained cities from Syrian troops and massacres were very common. So obviously, new groups of refugees joined the camps. People with no relation to the combatants.  Kurds running from ISIS, Christians and Sheeti running from Al-Qaida.

The Turkish government declared that it will fight ISIS. The same organization that they created and still support till this day, financially and military.

In the first days of their “war effort”, they bombed the Kurds. A small ethnic group that is the arch enemy of ISIS. And when the press started criticizing them, the refugee crises began.

Who to blame?


To be clear about it, refugees are settled in Turkey for over than 4 years. They live in a safe place, although not a good one. They were almost imprisoned, no one where allowed out unless he was going to fight with the radical militia.

But suddenly, the Turkish government losses the control. And hundreds of thousands are able to use boats and reach Europe.

This doesn’t look innocent!

In the matter of fact, it is not.

My friend is no in Turkey with his family, and Turkish intelligent agent (secret police) approached him among others, offering him a left to Serbia where he can reach Hungary and Germany later. It seems very organized to be just an involuntary movement.

The Turkish Islamic governors are teaching Europe a lesson: “Do not interfere with our Islamic Khalifat state”. And they are very successful with that. Actually, now nobody even remembers the Kurds who are killed by both ISIS and Turkish airplanes. Nobody cares that Al-Qaida and ISIS occupied the whole border between Syria and Turkey. The same area that the Ottomans claims their own.

The Turkish president, Mr. Erdogan, is not just a crazy man who wants to bring the Islamic Ottoman Empire back. He is trying to do it the same traditional way: via killing millions of people, and displacing millions more.

Not only that, you might remember when we said that most of the “original refugees” are the families of hardcore radical Islamic fighters. Well guess what, some of the most famous leaders that beheaded people in Syria are not in Germany, as a peaceful poor human beings.

I don’t know about you, but European nations might need to have a good look at the history of those people and at their ideas before accepting them. And keep it in mind, they were out of the military struggle and living in Turkey for a long time without any problems.

In my opinion as a Syrian: “Don’t trust everybody, because some of those are very radical and dangerous individuals”